31 October 2014

Paint Party Friday - Beginning the journey...

... of A Year and a Day... A wonderful course created by Angel Sullivan.

We began last Thursday (23 Oct), on the New Moon, but I've been dithering and battling with my inner critic all week - not daring to start my journal, in case I ruin it!!

I bought two of these beautiful books, handmade in Italy, to take me through the next 366 days. I decided to start in the brown-coloured one as it seems to represent Autumn/Winter, and the green one I'll start next year in Spring/Summer.

I have dedicated the journal to my mother's mother, whom I never knew. She died aged 32 from breast cancer when my mother was 10 years old. Her name was Florence Esther, which I didn't know until recently yet we called our own daughter Esther Florence(!)

There are 14 of us in the group, and I have written My Sisters' names so I can remember them each day as I journal...
Sharing here although I realize there's no painting - yet :-)

27 October 2014

Word for the Week

My body hasn't adapted yet to the clock change at the weekend, so I'm a tad late...
Here's the card I pulled from my Rediscovery Pack today.

Ahhh, peace, perfect peace...

I'm first struck that it's the same colour background as last week's Word, Communication...
And I wonder, how much of our communication is peaceful? And I remember Rumi's wise words

So many of our interactions are all about being heard, who can shout the loudest, and are not about really communicating with each other, and so often not in a peaceful way.

Then, I turn to the painting on the wall beside me, which has been my mantra for the past 6 months...

... and I am reminded of the famous Rudyard Kipling poem... The word 'Peace' isn't mentioned per se, but I think Kipling is describing Inner Peace! The kind of Peace that isn't disturbed by anything that's going on around... that still centre of the vortex, the peace-filled calm amid the whirlwind of the world...

What do you think/feel when you see this Word? What does it mean to you?

24 October 2014

Focus on Life Week 43: Your favourite colour

I don't really have a favourite colour... depends on what mood I'm in...

I tend to enjoy whatever colours Mother Nature chooses to display on any given day.

Yes, it's my lovely bush from last week, but now in daylight ;-)

23 October 2014

New Moon Dreamboard - A new practice

I have thought about making a Dreamboard for the New Moon for several months now, and today I did just that :-)

It's a new scrapbook and this time it's A3, so a double spread is pretty darn BIG!!!

The extra impetus to start this new practice is the beginning of A Year and a Day - a wonderful course hosted by Angel Sullivan. Who knows what the next 366 days will hold, but I'm ready and I'm drawing on the New Reed Moon energies of harmony, clarity, and a deep sense of purpose and intention for the coming month.

Here's the full spread. I used lot of images from my tear-off quote-a-day calendar - there's a definite 'ready for action' vibe, I think :-)

Left-hand page
Top left: Work for something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed Vaclav Havel (Czech playwright)
Top right: You see things and you say Why? But I dream things that never were, and say Why not? George Bernard Shaw
I think you can read the other quotes (especially if you click on the image to enlarge).
I've added a wee feather and two fallen leaves - gifts on my doorstep this morning!

Right-hand page
Again, if you enlarge the image, you can read most things, but the wee heart sticker in the centre reads' 'Unlock your heart, unleash your potential'.
Below it I've written out a quote I found,

What life can compare to this? Sitting quietly by the window, I watch the leaves fall and the flowers bloom, as the seasons come and go.
Hsueh-Tou (982--1052)

And bottom left is a page from an old We'Moon diary, which really spoke to me...

Leap of Faith

Standing before a fork
in the road
there is not a right answer

or truth cast in stone, there are
choices, plans and desire,

there is the heart of fire and
twist of fate,
there is the unveiling

of who you are and who you
are becoming.

This I have found after
bargaining with my hopes

and my destiny. There is only
a still quiet voice within

that tells me trust what you
know and then surrender,

leap of you must, let your wings
unfurl, let your angels play catch.

We drink dreams from a
sliver of moon.

Wendy L. Brown, 2007

It was especially the last phrase which summed up why I wanted to make this New Moon Dreamboard... I have always connected with the Full Moon, but I am only just beginning to recognize all Mama Luna's phases, and tap into the hidden potential of the New Moon...

As always, I'd be thrilled to read any responses/insights you have when you see my Dreamboard, so do share x

PS Wow, I've just realized this is my 250th post!!
Another reason to celebrate the wonder of the New Moon ;-)