28 July 2014

Word for the Week

It's been a couple of weeks since the last Word, but I've been practising my flexibility about posting... working around erratic internet connections and my 'need' to blog.

So here's this week's Rediscovery Card pulled from the bag...

... a truly wonderful Word, something I'm always seeking - clarity of thought, of vision, of direction...

It's the same rich orange background as Honesty, which is no coincidence, as I think one relates to, and informs the other. I know I see and think more clearly when I'm honest with myself about what I truly want/need.

And it's the colour of the Sacral Chakra - the seat of our passion and creativity in the deep pit of the belly...

Image from here.

In the pursuit of Clarity, I'm planning something of a change in August. I'm signed up for both this (with a focus on images) and this (focussing on words). I don't know what will result, but I'm open to whatever may occur... 

I'm hopeful that after a month of wide-ranging openness, my senses will sharpen and refocus on what is truly important to me and I shall be blessed with Clarity of purpose and direction...

I'd love to know your thoughts on this week's Word... What does Clarity mean to you?

25 July 2014

Focus on Life Week 30: Celebrate YOU by documenting a moment of life

I don't know if it was the fact Sally used the word 'document' in this week's prompt, but this is me documenting addresses from my old address book onto new cards which are kept in a gorgeous East of India wooden box - with a little help from my wee angel :)

Even though handwriting's still a challenge, who doesn't like receiving REAL mail??

And if anyone in the group would like a note from England, just drop me an email using the Contact Form - let's celebrate keeping in touch by documenting moments of our lives in real letters and cards!!

Paint Party Friday

Still playing with pastels...

... portrait attempt from a photo - looks more like her mother, though! I need to firm up her chin and deepen the shading on her face. And I must get some proper paper for pastels - watercolour paper doesn't cut it!!

And a bit of play in my art journal counting down to the new moon tomorrow :-)

Joining the party here

18 July 2014

Focus on Life Week 29: Celebrate sweetness!

Sorry, I've missed a couple of weeks - terrible internet connection *sigh*

So I'm hoping it stays around long enough for me to post this....

My dear friend, Jane came for coffee - it was her 50th birthday the other week, so I surprised her with a candle in her flapjack :-) 

The perfect subject for this week's theme!

This was in her birthday parcel, if you're curious :-)

Paint Party Friday

Been absent for a while - but I hope to visit the party more regularly now...

Playing with colour - first, making a colour wheel with my pastels - not as easy as you'd think, especially on watercolour paper(!) - needed several layers, and made a lot of dust!!

Then to actual watercolour - just love the contrasting 'emotion' of the pages... the power of colour :-)

Join the party over here!